UFC 160: Why Cain Velasquez is the Baddest Man on the Planet

The UFC Heavyweight Champion has always been called “the baddest man on the Planet”, and now referring to the current champion Cain Velazquez, it is scientifically proven.

Prior to Velasquez’s title challenge against Brock Lesnar at UFC 121, Velasquez appeared on ESPN’s Sport Science to evaluate the athletic ability of this unique heavyweight, and the results were outstanding.

Before they tested Velasquez’s brutal punching power, they assessed his aerobic conditioning. Whilst performing high intensity exercise on the treadmill, Cain’s heart rate maxed out at 167 beats per minute, which is quite low, thus putting him amongst the elite endurance athletes in the world. This pretty much puts Velasquez as one of, if not, the fittest heavyweight in the UFC.

Next up was Velasquez’s punching power. He produced over 2200 pounds of force from a single blow, and this mind you was with his left hand. According the Sport Science, this is the hardest punch every recorded in the Lab, and it’s harder than any boxer they have ever tested.

Finally his explosive power was tested. Cain was measured by using sensors on his body to measure the amount of force he can generate by hitting a tackling dummy. As Velasquez drives off the ground he produced over 5000 watts of power in his hips by themselves and over 2700 pounds of force. This was the same amount of force that is produced by an NFL defensive end.

Apart these phenomenal results are the fact the Velasquez boasts a near perfect MMA record.

Velasquez has won 11 of his 12 MMA fights, in which nine of the fights have resulted in knockouts. He is a brutal fighter that spares no expense on his opponents.

Velasquez managed to avenge the only loss of his career by defeating Junior Dos Santos and reclaiming the title he lost to the Brazilian.

Velasquez puts his mean streak to the test against challenger Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, who he will meet for the second time at UFC 160. Velasquez easily accounted for the giant Brazilian at UFC 146, however due the unusual events that surround the UFC; fate has given “Bigfoot” a shot at redemption.

Most thought that former number one contender Alistair Overeem would have easily disposed of Silva when they met at UFC 156. However in one of the biggest upsets of the year thus far, Silva KO’d Overeem in the second round giving the Brazilian revenge for Overeem disrespecting him before the fight.

Many fans would agree that Velasquez is a heavy favorite in the bout, but just like Silva’s win against Overeem, you can’t count anyone out. This bout shouldn’t be as one sided as their first encounter was. Silva would have done his homework to the best of his ability to counteract Velasquez’s heavy hands and unique conditioning.

With Velasquez’s phenomenal results in the Sports Science lab coupled with his amazing UFC record, the Mexican is well on his way to becoming the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.

chris says:

hes american, not mexican. born and raised in california.
fingers crossed the 3 kiwis get wins


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