Can The Big Rig run over GSP?

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The number 1 Contender – Johny Hendricks (Photo: Getty Images)


“Vrrroooooom….Beeeep, Beeeep!!” 

That’s a poor attempt to replicate the sound of a truck horn using words.  Lets face it, it was a pretty piss poor attempt – unfortunately it’s not something that’s easy to do.  Just like it’s never easy to take away the title from a champ, especially from someone who has long been at the top of the pile when discussing the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet.  The saying “as easy as taking candy from a baby” certainly doesn’t apply when you are talking about stepping into the Octagon with Georges “Rush” St PierreYou get into a fight with GSP and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get out of the cage knowing you’ve been in a fight.

So why the truck sound (or piss poor attempt at replicating the truck sound in print)?  Well that’s because the man who GSP faces this weekend is none other than Johny “Big Rig” Hendricks.  The guy who has quietly gone about his business while working his way up the Welterweight challengers list.  It’s just so happens that the business he is going quietly about is the business of knocking blokes out with his huge left hand.  You know, the huge left that hits like a truck.  “Vrrroooooom….Beeeep, Beeeep!!” 

Over recent months we’ve seen a few new champions crowned over a variety of different weight classes and Hendricks will be looking to add his name to that list.  Trouble for Hendricks is that he is facing one of the best to ever set foot in the cage.  But that doesn’t mean that the champion is invincible (Anderson Silva anyone??!!)

Can Hendricks beat GSP?  Good news is, he definitely has a punchers chance.

GSP is a beast and all round MMA expert, but we’ve come to know him predominantly as a wrestler in recent times.  He’s had a 6 fight “decision” streak which has included some grind out, ground and pound victories and we haven’t seen him finish anyone for a long time.  This plays into Hendricks hands as he was originally a 3 time Oklahoma High School Wresting State Champion, a 2005 and 2006 NCAA Division 1 title holder and he suffered only one loss in his senior year at OSU (also his first loss in 56 matches) where he was also a 4-time All-American.

If Hendricks can neutralise GSP’s incredible take downs and brute strength, he has a chance to take the champ out (Matt Serra anyone??!!), something that former interim champ Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit (still one of the best nicknames in the fight game) supports.

“I do think that’s an interesting match-up. Hendricks obviously has some incredible wrestling abilities. I think it’s going to come down to who can take who down or who can defend the other guy’s takedowns. If Georges is able to take Hendricks down, I think he’s going to win the fight with a decision. If Hendricks is able to stop Georges’ take downs, that’s going to make for a really interesting fight” Condit said.

Big Rig has suffered only one loss in his UFC career and the campaign to get the “Happy Bearded Guy” a title shot started quite some time ago, a campaign that was helped with recent wins over perennial title contenders such as Jon Fitch (in 12 seconds), Josh Koscheck, Martin Kampmann (in 46 seconds) and Jake Ellenberger, demonstrating his ability to hang with the best in his division.

Hendricks is a big, powerful man for the welterweight division and generally walks around at over 200 pounds before cutting down to the 170mark required.  His size and strength (and power advantage) definitely give him an opportunity to provide another upset for UFC fans.  GSP is obviously aware of this and so he has employed Rick Story as a sparring partner.  Who’s Rick Story the casual observer might be asking?  Well he just so happens to be the only man to inflict a loss on the bearded brawler.

“It’s a plus for me,” St-Pierre recently told a French news outlet. “He’s a guy with a similar style to Johny Hendricks. He’s also the last person to beat him. He won by decision. It was a close fight. But he won. He has even trained with him. He can give me some tricks, tell me how he is.”

He might have a style that’s similar to Hendricks, but Johny has also developed and improved over the last few years.  Is that good enough to secure him the W?  Time will tell, but Condit put it well when he said;

“We might just get to see Georges out of the comfort zone that he’s enjoyed over the last… I don’t know how many title defenses.  He’s been able to pretty much at will, put a guy on his back, whereas Hendricks has that power, that left hand that could put Georges to sleep.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

As are all fight fans Carlos, and for the record “Vrrroooooom….Beeeep, Beeeep!!” might also be the sound of a Happy, Bearded, Big Rig truck backing up and running people over.

Brad Paterson says:

Hendricks by KO in the first to continue a year of title changes and massive upsets. Vroom vroom beep beep hahahahaha


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